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I was Steadicam and 2nd camera for this music video which was awarded Best Music Video in four National Film Festivals.


Just One More Day with You by Rob Morton

Produced by Peggy Ellis and Chris Marcantel

Edited by Chris Marcantel
DP Glen Mordecci
Steadicam Mark Goldberg


This is the second music video I shot for Rob Morton:





I filmed this Behind the Scenes for an Editorial Fashion Shoot by Lisa Ramsay: 




I filmed this for Long Island Locavore:


I filmed this promo for The Society Of Unique Artists:



This is a franchise testimonial I shot for United Water Restoration:




Abandoned is an example of my Steadicam work:




Lyn Dillies - Illusionist - Metamorphosis:





I shot this Behind The Scenes setup for Dean Johnson during the 2019 NY NOW Show at Jacob Javits:




Currently filming:  "Life is El" - Living and working under and around the elevated train tracks in New York City. http://LifeIsEL.com  Here is a teaser:





This is the equipment I own and am using http://avsprod.com/equip.pdf

I also have experience operating a lot of different equipment other than what I own.

All my equipment is insured, I have full liability insurance and certificates of insurance are available.

Here is my Resume and IMDB credits.


I have conceived of, and written a lot of documentary films, sometimes as many as three a week.  This is in addition to the many other commercial, narrative and TV series work I do.

I've also written several narrative films and a few TV series, but they can't be discussed here.

Interested in picking up one or more of these properties? Mark

The Documentary Factory which is a division of AVS Production Company has many films which are either in production or pre-production. They are:

Life Is EL - Living and working under and around the elevated train tracks in New York City (In Production)

Step Streets - Where did the Street go? (In Production)

Education In Smithtown - Lots of pencils, lots of books, and we loved our teacher's dirty looks (In Production)

Sake in America - The love for and growth of what used to be a Japanese exclusive drink in America (In Production)

Scams Are Us - You have it, we'll take it (In Production)

In Search of Whale Vomit - It'll help you smell better (Pre-Production)

Oh Deer - How we live with our forested friends (In Production)

Life Before Twitter - The history of the digital era (In Production)

Volunteers Of America - Without Volunteers, we would all be in trouble (Pre-Production)

Legendary Smithtown - How a man named Smith settled in for the long ride after a short ride (In Production)

Tea For Two Billion - Our love for the second most consumed beverage in the World (Pre-Production)

The Life Of Death - Who's there at the end (Pre-Production)

Smart Phone, Stupid People - Your phone is getting smarter, but you are getting stupider (Pre-Production)

1 Dollar For You - Yes, you can still get things in NYC for only $1 including great Pizza! (Pre-Production)

The Deadliest Sport - Is Gymnastics the deadliest sport? (Pre-Production)

50 Years of Planting Trees - The history of Earth Day and the related movements (In Production)

The Trees of NYC - Did you know there are over 692,892 trees in NYC? (In Production)

Can It - What's with all that metal around my stuff? (Pre-Production)

Sprout Poop  -  The care, feeding and love for Sprouts and the World's greatest Virtual Air Band (Pre-Production)

Whatever It Takes To Get The Shot - Ken Regan did whatever it took to get the shot (Pre-Production)

It Takes a Second - It can take a second to change your life (Pre-Production)

Drummers - The history of drumming from 5500 B.C. to today (Pre-Production)

Gridded City - Why cities around the World are laid out in grids (Pre-Production)

Blocks of Glass - Why glass blocks are all the rage in construction (Pre-Production)

New York City Subway Art - There are over 342 permanent works of art in the system (Pre-Production)

Roller Derby Kids - Growing up as a child of Roller Derby parents (Pre-Production)

Bill Graham's Gift - He provided us with decades of great music (Pre-Production)

Sous Vide - Is this the best cooking technique? (In Production)

Too Old to Rock and Report, Too Young to Retire - Ageism and discrimination in the news media (Pre-Production)

Garden Bay Manor - One of the most serene neighborhoods in NYC with a rich history (Pre-Production)

It's Still a Long Strange Trip - The Psychedelic Culture still exists (Pre-Production)

Are you hiring? - The second most asked question of a record store owner or manager (In Production)

Are You A Turtle? - The history of Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles (Pre-Production)

I Seem To Be A Verb - The history and legacy of R Buckminster Fuller (Pre-Production)

You're a Rock N Roll Suicide - The sad history of suicide and accidental death in music (Pre-Production)